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Check your PARS and send ACE/ACI eManifests all in one place. You'll be able to get started on ACE eManifest today and PARS checking and ACI eManifest when Canada Customs approves your RNS and ACI applications (typically one or two business days). Signing up takes about 5 minutes.

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Bundled eManifest Software: ACE Manifests for U.S., ACI eManifest for Canada, and Check your PARS online

ACE Manifest Software: Send eManifests with U.S. Customs

ACI eManifest Software: Send eManifests with Canadian Customs

PARS (RNS) Software: Check your PARS online (integrates with ACI)

eManifest Processing: Have your drivers fax or email paperwork to us and we'll do the eManifests for you

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ACI Notices for Warehouse: CBSA Notices (Arrival, Release, Deconsolidation, etc)

RNS for Warehouse: CBSA Arrival, Release Notification

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